*Note: Not all animals pictured belong to us, so they are not available for shows!  These are just some of the animals we have had the opportunity to meet!


Garrett giving Meeko lovens!

Shredder smiling.  :-)

One of our baby goats, he is just sooo cute!

Cocoa says "um, I know you've got peppermints in there."

Squirt entertaining kids at church!

Shredder getting a checkup and nail trim.

"What I get, What I get, What I get??"

dun da...Dun Da.... DUN Daaaaa...!  Hedgehog attack! ;-)

"Are you talking to me?"

"There's a snake in my purse!"

( Monty aka theft control)

The bottle babies! They are just like puppy dogs!

Phantom, the ladies man.

Here a roo, there a roo, everywhere a kangaroo!
My what big ears you have!